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Lose Weight Easily

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3-6 Sessions

Tired of restrictive diets that leave you frustrated?    Annoyed with counting calories or points?

How is using hypnosis any different?

Get ready to work in partnership with your body instead of fighting against it!


First, we begin by creating a positive relationship between you and your body. You start to love and appreciate your body the way it is right now.  Your body wants to work with you and though hypnosis, you can teach it what you want and how it can get there.


Then, we look at cravings.  Does your body crave sugar, bread or some other food?  Learn why you crave these foods, the problems they are solving and how to move forward solving those same problems in new supportive ways.


Next, we get control of your portions.  Your body can learn to automatically stop eating when it has eaten the right amount of food for your preferred size body.  You will find it easy to add more fresh, life giving foods to your diet. By focusing on adding healthy foods to your diet, instead of focusing on restricting unhealthy ones, you will notice that your tastes change and your body actually wants to eat healthy.  Those unhealthy foods will simply become less important.


Finally, we work together to find ways for incorporating more movement into your life.  You will discover the right type of exercise for you and you will find creative ways to complete manageable amounts.  As you become more physically fit, you will find it easy to increase the amount of movement you do each day.


Already on the right track? Just looking for support in a few areas?  All weight loss programs are individually designed to meet your needs and goals.  

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